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  • Disaster July 10, 2018

    subway, disaster

    Nine lives hurtle towards their deaths on the subway completely unaware. They are annoyed that the train is so packed. A woman stands in her uncomfortable heels on her commute home from work. She curses the tourists and wishes the couple behind her would shut up. The couple talks about the zoo, the best zoo that they’ve ever been to, and about how they will take their children there once they have kids. The woman hides her disdain in her book; the couple isn’t even engaged.

    Across the aisle, a young man watches this unfold. He turns his music off and listens, waiting for the woman to snap. Sitting beside the young man is a dad. He has to get off at the next stop to pick up his daughter. His husband will worry if he’s late. The dad pushes his glasses up his face and readjusts his grip on his brief case. He’s ridden the subway for months now, but he can’t get used to sitting this close to strangers. The smell of bodies packed in stale air makes him sick.

    They are almost to the stop. They don’t make it. The newspapers report that the train derailed, but no one can explain why.

    The most religious woman on that train, the one with the short, kinky curls, would have said that it was their time. She would’ve sworn that she felt it, something off. She would’ve said that she’s at peace.

    I call ...


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  • Her Happy Poem July 12, 2018

    notebook, poem, poetry

    She wants to write a happy poem about love

    and success and hope.

    She wants to write about moving

    and her world changing.

    She’s stronger now,

    more herself,

    even though she’s terrified and misses home.


    Writing it is difficult.

    The words fly, then dip

    down under the water

    where she can’t breathe.

    Because getting here means

    losing there.


    This poem is happy.

    In the end, she is happy.

    She had to do this happy.


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