Latest Fiction Post

  • I’m Sorry October 17, 2017

    Callie had been missing for 18 hours before it occurred to me that they wouldn’t find her alive. I’d been sitting in the library, staring out the window at the high school football field across the street. No one had seen her since 3 in the afternoon the day before. It was 9 am.

    I checked social media again. No news. I texted my brother. He sent me the article. They’d found her body somewhere in the park. It didn’t say where or what happened.

    It’s always the boyfriend, right? He took off shortly after the police report was filed. I never liked him.

    I couldn’t call Callie a friend. I hadn’t seen her in two years, but we had been in classes together and had studied together a few times.

    A text flashed across my phone, the day and time of the memorial service. Of course it was on a Tuesday. Callie and I weren’t that close, and funerals are for the family and friends. I didn’t know them. Was I supposed to go to the memorial?

    I didn’t go. Going wouldn’t bring her back.


Latest Poetry Post

  • Forward Through the Fog October 18, 2017

    It smells like Fall now,

    bonfires and dead leaves.

    Beneath my jacket, the skin on my arms bubbles,

    trying to fend off the cold.

    In a year, I’ll have to know

    where I’m going and

    I’m already scared.


    Fog cuts off the sidewalk in front of me.

    Good thing I’m walking.


    I want you to be standing on the corner,

    right where the sidewalk turns.

    I want to navigate together not just because

    doing it alone makes my throat close

    but because it’s pointless without you.


    My feet slap against the pavement.

    Too late to turn around.

    Phantom fingers from the past pull me


    Or they try.

    That girl’s gone.




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