Latest Fiction Post

  • The Hallway of the Afterlife June 20, 2017

    I looked down for a second to reply to a text, and when I looked up, headlights blinded me. The next thing I knew I woke to a horrible stench, like rotten milk mixed with burning flesh. Cool marble pressed against my back. Plaque coated the ceiling and clung to the walls. As I sat up, a shadow in the corner of the room rustled. “Hello?” Am I in a coma? 

    “Rise,” the shadow’s voice came out garbled.

    I stood, the joints in my legs popping. The woman shuffled forward out of the darkness, revealing bluish green skin and a black smock dress. The smell grew stronger the closer she got to me. God, am I dead? 

    “Yes.” The woman held out her bloated arm to me. “But I’m not Him.”

    The dark room around me couldn’t be Heaven, but it also wasn’t hot. So, could it be hell?

    “This is not Heaven or Hell or Purgatory. This is eternity.”

    “So this is all there is?” All of those Sundays in church for nothing?

    “It wasn’t for nothing. There are other worlds. Maybe your God has a kingdom in one of them.”

    “And how do I get to those other worlds?”

    The woman took a few steps closer. “Take my hand. My mansion has many halls, many doors. Behind one of them you may find what you seek.”

    “And if I refuse to go with you?”

    Her hand fell to her side. “Then that is your choice.”

    “But what will happen?”

    The lights flickered and the woman turned ...


Latest Poetry Post

  • Doors We Don’t Open June 22, 2017

    Feelings start in the


    where they bubble and


    before they float up to the


    They start grabbing at the wires and twisting


    Then they turn off

    the lights.


    Sometimes I descend


    the madness and let it

    C O N S U M E


    So much hurt and fear and anger and worry and pain and panic and sadness

    and it builds into a tsunami,

    drowning me

    before I shut it up again.

    Before I rejoin reality,

    the shallow end where that blind limitless emotion

    can’t exist.



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