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  • Leaving You August 15, 2017

    The easy part was walking away. The hard part was admitting that it was all my fault.

    Raindrops sparkled under the street lights. The wind cut through my skinny jeans and tank top. You had my jacket. Maybe I should’ve asked for it back, but then it would’ve smelled like you, like designer perfume.

    Bright red light spilled down on the sidewalk from the sign above the bar. It was some new place you had wanted to try. Their beer tasted like shit, but that’s not why I left. You didn’t even notice when I walked out. One minute we were ordering drinks, and then you started playing pool with some girl with a nose ring. Your ex had a nose ring.

    Standing in the cool rain, I stared back through the window at you. You didn’t even glance towards the bar, towards my empty seat. My whole body shook as I turned away. You would’ve called me overly dramatic, but that wasn’t the first time that happened.

    I didn’t cry when I drove home. Or when I deleted your number. You only sent one text: Where’d you go? You ok?

    Was it my fault that you didn’t care? Did I not try hard enough?

    I typed out long texts to you and then deleted them.


    A week later, you called, interrupting my binge watching Star Wars. I let you go to voicemail. When you called again, I turned my phone off. I didn’t look at it ...


Latest Poetry Post

  • Ellusive Illusions August 17, 2017

    They all start with white wings.

    I don’t know what happens

    but they never stay white.


    Mine faded to an ashy gray by my eighth


    I didn’t do anything wrong.


    Some of them break.

    Sometimes in the

    middle of flying.


    I guess we pretend we’re innocent,

    pretend we’re better,

    pretend we’re whole.


    I’m sick

    of pretending.



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