Anxiety changes our perception of the world. It twists everything into the worse case scenario, and we can’t control it. “Fun House Mirror” is a poem that reflects this feeling.

Fun House Mirror

The scale reads the same as always.

The mirror reflects your lies,

a ballooning stomach,

fat, fat thighs.

Are your jeans tight?

They feel tight.

Tighter than your dress pants.

You clearly gained weight.

You eat less.

Run more.

You still eat.

You’re fine.

Write and rewrite the email.

Don’t look stupid.

Don’t mess up.

You always mess up.

Try harder.

You’re dying.

But you’re not dying.

But you can’t breathe.

And you’re shaking.

Are you convulsing?

Is this a stroke? Heartattack? Shock?

Realize you’re really not dying.



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