I’d taken the metro in Disney World, but I’d never taken an actually tube/metro/subway system until London. I like driving my car, but I do miss the tube. Mainly because I could navigate it without getting lost, and something about navigating the tube made me feel more mature. Maybe it helped me realize that I could live in a big city without losing my mind. Though I’d still like more space and trees.

For class, we took the tube to Covent Gardens, split into two teams, and did a scavenger hunt. Rushing past cute little shops, we had no time to roam and look in places. If we’d have been smart we would’ve done one question on the scavenger hunt and then roamed around. We did end up going back later in the trip to see what we missed though, and my team won the scavenger hunt.

After a quick jot back to the flat, some girls and I decided to look for Twining’s Tea Shop. Twining’s is a major tea brand in London which I didn’t know until I got there because I don’t drink tea, but I figured I’m in London; I can’t not drink tea. Pulling up the shop on my phone I took on the responsibility of direction person. I’m only slightly directionally challenged. What I wasn’t prepared for was all the diagonal roads. In American cities, roads form blocks. In London, there’re roads cutting through everywhere. My GPS recalculated several times before we finally got lost. It told us to cut through an office/apartment complex. We walked past the guard, who didn’t say anything, but every turn we took ran us into locked gates. It was a beautiful complex (as seen in the picture above). But it eventually gave us bad vibes as it was quiet and we saw other tourists stuck like we were. We ended up going back out past the guard and backtracking pretty far before making our way to the tea shop where I tried a bit of cold berry-tasting tea. London didn’t turn me into a tea drinker, but maybe I just haven’t found my tea yet.



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