Steampunk clothes, Boho décor, and amazing foods line Camden Market. I spent four hours combing through the shops. I have a thing for cool lamps and hats, and I got to indulge both. The market bustles with people and there’s so much to see. One tented area expanded on endlessly. One shop was cyberpunk with futuristic, hoop skirts and wiring around the clothes like you would see in a science fiction movie.

That evening I went up to the Sky Garden. I’m not a flower fanatic, but the garden was pretty. The wait to get up with a ticket was an hour for a fifteen minute walk around the garden looking out over London. I got a few decent pictures, but I’m not sure that the wait was worth it. Then again, I’m from St. Louis, so I’ve been in the arch a handful of times. I’m not a stranger to a good view.


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