As I took a Shakespeare class in London, it made perfect sense to go see a Shakespeare play at the Globe. In high school one of the English classes had made miniature models of the Globe and now I’ve seen a play there. The modern entrance to the building threw me off. I enjoy modern amenities like toilets, but I prefer older architecture. It looks more cultural and stately rather than flashy and sleek. Inside the foyer area was a combination of a mini museum and a gift shop. Shakespeare quotes captivate the heart and they certainly captivated the eye being scrawled across bags and t-shirts. Once the doors to the Globe officially opened, I stood in the yard like a true groundling. The yard was concrete rather than dirt which was nice, though less authentic. By the time the play begun, personal space no longer existed. The only thing that would’ve made the experience more Londony is if it had rained. That said, I’m glad that it didn’t because I didn’t have a rain coat or a poncho and umbrellas aren’t allowed in the Globe.


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