One of the first days in London, I did a scavenger hunt at Covent Gardens, but I didn’t get to see much as I was busy running from place to place. So I went back. It’s a touristy place with cute shops and restaurants. There are blue markers everywhere delving out historical facts. Plus, Drury Lane is there. Of course, I bought a chocolate, chocolate chip muffin and ate it on Drury Lane.

One of the strangest ideas to me is paying to use the restroom. I know; it’s not like I’m doing anything with my change, but it’s the principle of the matter.  In Covent Gardens, I caved. I put fifty pounds in the turnstile at the entrance to the bathroom. When I told family and friends, they thought the bathrooms that charged would be nicer. They’re not. They’re bathrooms.

That evening I went to the Actor’s Church and saw Much Ado About Nothing. Usually sets are changed by stagehands, but with this performance, the audience got up and moved to other locations where other sets were set-up. It was unique and helpful if you didn’t get a good seat at the first location. Overall, I’d definitely go back to Covent Gardens if I found myself in London again.


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