As a major Harry Potter fan, going to Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross Station was vital to my London experience. The platform picture and store set-up was right off of the Tube Station, which was good because I didn’t have my train ticket to get farther in the station. The line was cramped, but I expected nothing less. It took an hour to get a few pictures which I thought was worth it. I’ve waited longer for Harry Potter things. Then I spent a good amount of time in the store wandering through the shelves of Harry Potter gear. Of course I left with something, a Ravenclaw lanyard. I’m not into souvenirs, but it’s not every day that I go to London. Eight years too late I finally made it to the Hogwarts platform.

I know that I already talked about food, but Indian food deserves it’s own blurb. Where I’m from, there are tons of Chinese food places, but very little Indian. Before London I hadn’t even thought to try it. Then I went with some girls to Brick Lane and now I know that I’ve been missing out. I love spicy food, rice, and bread (or pan), so Indian food was perfect. Since coming home, I keep getting cravings for it. Guess I’ll have to learn to cook.




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