Last month I wasn’t able to find time to work on my novels, but I did work on a few exciting, new projects. I typed up a story for my workshop class about unrequited love. I’ve kept busy writing articles for The Odyssey. It’s one of the only platforms where I write nonfiction. The other platform, and one of the reasons I’ve been so busy, is Her Campus. My school recently launched it’s own Her Campus Chapter, and I’ve started writing articles for them as well. My first article was published this week about living on campus as an introvert, and my article for next week will be about high school dress codes. It’s been really fun and exciting to get my writing out there more.

My goals for October are to stay on top of writing for my website, to improve my short story writing, and to find time to work on my novels. Life can be crazy, but as long as I can find time to write, everything else usually falls into place.

Writing Update

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