We argued and broke up over the space of a few glances and some whispering. Our friends were in our dining room. In the middle of dinner, my girlfriend shot me a look, excused herself, and escaped to the kitchen. I took the hint and followed her.

Her back was to me, her blue dress accentuating her curves. I tried to kiss her neck, but she stepped away. I reached for her, but she crossed her arms.

“What did I do?”

Her eyebrows scrunched together. Her eyes narrowed. 

I guess I hurt her feelings. “You’re right. I’m stupid. I’m sorry.”

My hand cupped her chin, but her eyes slid away. I kissed her anyway. Her lips barely moved. Her voice was barely audible. “You should go after dinner.”

That was it. I didn’t get an explanation. “Please, I’m sorry. I love you.” But my words sounded hollow.

She put her engagement ring on the counter.

“But I love you.”

She turned away without apologizing. When we rejoined our friends with the ring in my pocket, I felt nothing.


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