On a distant planet called Thare

In a distant year millions of years from today,

all of the citizens have gathered

around a statue of their fearless leader to vote

for a new one.

As fits tradition, tallest stand in the front

while the shortest stand in back.

Two candidates are on pedestals while the three others sit,

nearly impossible to see. No one knows their

names anyway.

“Let the voting commence!”

Sound erupts as one person shouts over another,

as the candidates scream to be heard.


“No, him!”

All reason is gone,

replaced by booing and hissing.

The orator holds up a hand.

The crowd stops.

The candidates fall silent.

Mr. Orator clears his throat. “The people have spoken! The presidency is sold!”

He turns to the man on his right. “Congratulations, Mr. President. Your supporters are the loudest.”


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