The most qualified people to give advice are the people who have been through it or people who just screw up a lot and have learned the hard way. I fall into both categories I suppose, as the categories are kind of one and the same.

I started my list when I was very young in the hopes that it would save someone from making the same mistakes. Here it goes:

  1. Don’t have a rock throwing contest. It doesn’t matter if nothing breakable is around. Something will get dented or someone will get hurt.
  2. Always check two things when you enter a stall in a public restroom: whether or not there is toilet paper and whether or not the stall locks. It’s amazing how many people don’t check.
  3. Confessing your feelings for someone at an inappropriate time never works. Whether you are in preschool and that time is during class or whether you are older, don’t do it. Just buy a dog. It solves a lot of problems.

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