Part Two

“Callie, I’m so glad you made it!” Imogene hugs her, leaving a lingering smell of flowery perfume.

Why smoke weed when you can get high off body spray? “I’ve been looking for you guys.”

“Dance with us.” Imogene pulls her towards Abby whose started dancing with a random guy in swim trunks.

Callie shakes her head. “I’m not good at it.”

Dancing around her, Imogene tugs on Callie’s arms. “You don’t have to be good.”

“I’m not drunk enough.”

“We can fix that.” Still holding Callie’s hands, Imogene leads Callie back towards the house.

“But I’m DD.”

“I’ll drive instead. I haven’t drunk anything yet.”

Score. “Thanks, Imogene.” The air conditioner blasts inside rising goosebumps on Callie’s arms.

Imogene grabs a bottled screwdriver. “It’s your favorite, right?”

“You remember.” Two years ago, Callie had spent the night at Abby’s with Imogene, and they’d raided Abby’s brother’s mini fridge.

Callie drank the whole bottle in a few sips and put an arm around Imogene. “Let’s dance.”

By the time they caught up with Abby, the alcohol was kicking in. Callie dances close enough to Imogene that Imogene’s hair tickles Callie’s shoulders. The humidity outside mingles with the heat from Imogene and the heat from the alcohol, making Callie sweat. Do I smell bad? All I smell is Imogene. “Hey, did you bring your swimsuit?”

Imogene shakes her head. “We don’t need swimsuits to go swimming.”

“But your dress.”

She winks at Callie and shimmies out of it, letting it fall at her feet. Without waiting for Callie, Imogene runs for the pool. Callie hands her phone to Abby. “Will you watch this?”

She sticks it in her waist band. Stumbling out of her jean shorts, Callie hurries after Imogene who teeters on the edge of the swimming pool, toes curling around the stones. Callie drops her tank top on her shorts and joins Imogene. Her hand finds Callie’s and squeezes. “On the count of three.” The people in the pool scatter to make room for them.

“One.” The porch light shines off Imogene’s black painted fingernails.

“Two.” The smell of alcohol and Imogene’s perfume mixes in Callie’s nose.

“Three.” Looking up at the stars, they jump and everything else falls away. One vivid moment lasting forever.


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