Yesterday, I thought it was Thursday, so now I’m writing one extra post this week. Yay! But it’s going to be a bit different, not a short story or a poem but a short update.

I’ve recently sent my young adult novel The Matter Bend (which is about a girl named Kylie who finds herself in the middle of an alternate universe in the middle of a rebellion) to beta readers, so once that gets back I will make the necessary changes and send it to publishing companies. While I wait for that, I’m editing my fantasy romance novel Of the Same Soul about a girl named Elizabeth whose village gets pillaged and her best friend/soulmate winds up missing. If either of those sound interesting or you would like me to post updates more often, please like and/or comment below.

Thank you!

Writing Update


  1. The Matter Bend sounds interesting. I hope the beta readers will come up with useful feedback for you. I think a lot of people can relate to finding themselves in the middle of some crazy period in history in an alternate universe.” We all imagine that it’s happening to us at some point.

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