When there seems to be nothing good in your life, here are a few easy steps to refocus and get yourself back on track.

  1. Take a full deep breath. It’s amazing how often we forget to breathe deeply. And a full deep breath is something to be grateful for. Your body is working, living, and fighting. It hasn’t given up on you yet. Even if you’re homeless and starving, you have life and air in your lungs. The game isn’t over yet.
  2. The food in front of you is a blessing. For the longest time, I didn’t understand why people said grace over their meals. I took it for granted that food would always be provided for me or that I would always find food. This isn’t the case for some people. Be grateful for your food because one day you might not have it.
  3. Embrace boredom and use it as a time to think. Being bored is a luxury. It means you feel safe and don’t have any work to do. Embrace this time to think about life or yourself or others or even to daydream. You only have so much time on Earth, use it.
  4. No time? Not True. In your car on the way to work, you can think about anything you want to. Use that time away from people and responsibilities to try and relax. In bed trying to fall asleep, you have the ability to close your eyes and be anywhere you want with anyone you want doing anything you want. Visualize yourself doing the things that you don’t necessarily have time for.

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