foggy, lost, island
Image via Gabriela Palai from Pexels

Lampless light bulbs floating in the sky illuminate the island of the lost. People rarely lose lamps. Of course, there are objects: eye glasses, sports balls, jewelry (a whole garden of glittering gems). But there are also ghosts. For example, whenever someone loses their pride, a piece of that person comes here. Don’t worry. You won’t miss that part of you. It’s just an image that flickers and glides around. A snapshot of how you looked and how you felt before.

When people lose their health, it comes here also. Health is a blue pulse of light that wedges itself between old t-shirts to waste away.

And yes, there are memories. Every memory that you forgot appears here. Packed tight in jars, they drift in the ocean, sometimes washing up on shore. No one is here to open them, not anymore.

The only things that don’t come here are souls. This is not the afterlife. When you lose a person, their body stays on Earth. If I knew what happened to the soul, it would ease both of our minds.

This island used to be home to the Rememberers. We were charged with remembering all that time forgot. We were immortal spirits who brought back the lost things ourselves. Then a few individuals, discontented with being forgotten by Earth, wrote a spell, a powerful spell. It made that which is lost arrive on the island automatically. It made us totally obsolete. Time had no need for us, and we forgot ourselves.

What happens to things forgotten on the island? They revert back to what they were before, star dust. Then that star dust is used again.

I do not want to be star dust, so I tell our story. I tell it to save myself, the history of my people, and the memories. There are so many good, happy memories around the island. People rarely forget the bad ones.


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