Before college, I had a list of things that I didn’t believe that I could do.

  • Make silly faces (It just didn’t look right when I did it, wasn’t my personality)
  • Start conversations with anyone
  • Be a leader

All of these things seemed unobtainable. I was a set person in a set niche of the social order and doing any of these things would break that order. Everyone would doubt me. I would doubt me. But what I didn’t know then was that only my own doubt was stopping me.

The reason so many people give up on dreams is because they don’t believe it can happen. That simple state of mind changes everything for them. They hold back rather than charging forward.

Going away to school was the opportunity I needed to break out of my shell. I went where no one would know me and started over being more open and more myself than I had ever been. Now I feel comfortable making silly faces and talking to anyone. And this fall I’ll be taking on a leadership position welcoming freshmen to my college.

My mentality went from being as small as possible to speaking up and being present. For anyone shy: you are allowed to exist, to take up space, to talk loudly. It took me awhile to incorporate this idea in my life, so I hope that by sharing it, other people can begin to believe in this truth and begin to abolish doubt. Because anything is possible.    



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