Her hair whipped into her face stinging her eyes. The wind howled in her ears blocking out all of her senses. The thick air squeezed her lungs. She opened her mouth to scream, but the wind stole her breath. No where to run. No where to hide. The storm bared down on her. She felt her ribs snap as her soul tore away from her body.

Silence fell upon her. The storm blew over. In her stinking greasy work clothes she kneeled down on her bathroom floor. Minutes crawled by as she gazed at the soothing blue beach-themed wallpaper. The colors seemed dull. It was the same old bathroom as always, but unfamiliar in a way.

Stillness settled over her. She glanced at the mirror. Where her face should be was a jagged circle of blue. Her black pants were darkening in several places, but she felt no pain. She pulled the glass shards from her knees and tried to fit them back into the mirror. The pieces clattered to the ground.

A numb fear gripped her throat; what if she wouldn’t get better.


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