Once upon a time a man sat down at a desk with a quill and parchment in his hand and wrote the rules of stories. There has to be a hero and a heroine and they have to fall in love. They have to defeat the villain because good has to win. And so it has to be and so the prince and princess live happily ever after. But life doesn’t work like that.

Bad wins more than it should. Evil crushes some heroes. Some heroes are actually villains. And sometimes people who fall in love aren’t in love forever. There’s young love and passionate love and wrong love and lasting love. But there isn’t a happily ever after.

Today I sit down and write the rules of life: everything changes, people die, and most importantly bad has to exist for good to exist. The truth is there is a balance in the world and what is given will be taken, heck what is earned will be taken. And it’s usually without warning. And it’s usually not fair. But for everything you lose, you gain something: strength.

The only thing you can hold forever is your memories. But sometimes even those are taken from you…

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