February has officially ended which means it’s time for a writing update! I’ll start by saying that I will probably continue last months trend of writing multi-part short stories. I think that publishing short snippets allows me to flesh out a better story without writing an excessive amount per post. Also, I’m going to be starting a campaign on social media promoting creativity by sharing tips for staying creative throughout the week. Sometimes the week days can be monotonous and kill any motivation for writing or creating new things. I’m hoping that by sharing some tricks that I use to focus and keep myself motivated, I can help others.

This past month I have brain stormed and started pre-writing my new novel idea. Though I don’t have a title to share yet, I can say that the story involves magic, royalty, and five long-lost sisters. My goal for March is to write at least half of the first draft. I will actually be starting the draft later this week, provided Writer’s Block stays away. What are your writing goals for this month?

Stay tuned for more short stories, poems, and updates about my current work-in-progress!


Ready to read? Check out last Tuesday’s poem: http://www.wedbushwrite.com/readjusting/

Writing Update

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