Grease drips down his chin

Squirting from his cheese burger.

He dips the cheese-coated fries

Into his chocolatey milkshake.

The cheese mixes with the whipped cream

Forming a mustardy custardy glob.


His thighs stick to the leather booth

As he gets up to pay at the counter.

A waitress on roller skates stumbles past him

Must be her first day.


As the new girl reaches the cash register

Her blue, blue eyes framed by thick lashes

Make him squirm.

Maybe he shouldn’t have eaten that burger.


He hands over the money

Her fingers brush against his

She hands him the recite

And she winks.

Scrawled across the back in blue ink bleeds her number

As he heads for the door, he glances back

She waves

Her wedding band catching the light.


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