I couldn’t go to Bath without seeing the Roman Baths. There was more to the place than I thought there would be. Going to the Roman Baths would be like a spa day. There’s a whole sequence of shifting between rooms that you would do, and it seemed pretty confusing. The hot room would probably be my favorite; I’m a weirdo who loves the heat and humidity.

Seeing pictures and things of the elegant white blocks used in Grecian and Roman architecture, I always assumed they were meant to be white. Apparently, that is not the case. If I met up with the Doctor or found myself a time machine and went back, I would see gaudy, colorful paint decorating those buildings. It kind of makes me wonder if millions of years in the future, the colors on the McDonald’s stores will fade and more developed humans will think that McDonald’s is elegant.

The Roman Baths hold more artifacts than I can possibly mention, but one that stuck out to me was a display of little slips of lead or pewter that had curses written on them. Citizens would write to the gods asking for them to punish a specific person, most often because the person stole from them.

Towards the exit of the Roman Baths is a trickling water stream into a funnel with paper cones beside it and a sign that more or less says “Try the Bath Water”. Of course, I tried it knowing that it would probably taste disgusting, and it did. It tasted metallic, almost like licking water off of a penny. But I don’t regret it. You can’t go to another country and avoid trying things.



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