Dearest Emily,

If you are reading this, that means my worst fears have been confirmed; I am dead. No tears, my love. Not until you have finished reading.

Enclosed with this envelope is a small brown parcel. Inside it is the engagement ring I bought for you before I left for war. I had planned to give it to you the night before I left, but you stormed out on my before I had the chance. I love you…loved you and I wanted to marry you. Unfortunately fate had other plans. So the ring is yours to cherish or to sell. If you sell it rest assured I will love you all the same.

I wish I could give you the courtesy of telling you that my last thoughts were of you, but I cannot in good conscience. I am cowardly, Emily and I doubt that anything except fear of death flashed through my mind as I drew my last breath.

God I wish I could see you again. I miss your smile already and I’ve only just boarded the train. I pray that I will see you again and that you won’t ever have to read this.

Emily, I’m leaving you my part of my inheritance. I want you to flourish on that land and marry and have children. I want you to tell them about me, how I was the first man in your life and how I so much wanted to be the last. Remember me, but do not grieve. Tears are so much wasted on the dead. I’m not in my body anymore so do not weep over it. Save your tears for real suffering. Only the living suffer.

Smile for me, my love.

Yours Always,



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