Homecoming, Prom, Formal all bring up that quintessential moment as a girl, that Cinderella moment when everyone sees how beautiful you are. Years of watching perfect princesses and rags-to-riches high school movies have given young girls the impression that this is the goal of school dances. As a fantasy writer, I had longed for this unobtainable moment, and I had gotten pretty close at Prom. But why worry about Cinderella when most girls don’t feel comfortable in their own skin?

The Real Cinderella Moments:

  1. Getting ready with friends. It’s always better than the actual dance because you’re ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends/ex-friends aren’t there.
  2. Pictures. After that point, your curls can uncurl and the pins can fall out. All of the pressure to look perfect disappears.
  3. Dancing like no one is watching. Who cares if your hair is a mess and you’re dateless? You came to the dance to dance. Plus, it’s a good workout.

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