November Writing Update

This will be a short update. I’ve been majorly busy writing for two online platforms, writing a final short story for my fiction workshop, and keeping up with homework, classes, and clubs.

I am still focusing on editing my novel that is untitled. It might be a series. I am sorry that what I can tell you is very vague. With the semester winding down, I should be able to focus more.

In other news, I have a blue journal for ideas that I caved and bought. I needed a new idea journal.

Happy Holidays! Hopefully I have more to talk about next month.

Writing Update: October

October has been crazy. I’ve been collecting more books to read and falling behind on blog posts, but I figured out a system now. It only took half a semester.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been writing articles for two different platforms, taking a short fiction class along with my other classes, and consulting students at my school’s writing center. Because of this, I’ve taken a short break on my novels, but I should be picking those back up in December.

If you’re interested in reading some nonfiction articles, my two most recent ones are about self-care and dress codes:

One thing that I have started doing this month is brainstorming three story ideas/details every day. I bought a separate journal for this, and I’m very excited to take some time out of each day to flex my imagination muscles.

My goals for November are to keep my blog up to date, focus on classes, and fill my ideas journal. I appreciate any feedback you guys have. If you haven’t already, check me out on Twitter at @Wedbushwrite or on Tumblr at Wedbushwrite.  Happy early Halloween!

Writing Update: September

Last month I wasn’t able to find time to work on my novels, but I did work on a few exciting, new projects. I typed up a story for my workshop class about unrequited love. I’ve kept busy writing articles for The Odyssey. It’s one of the only platforms where I write nonfiction. The other platform, and one of the reasons I’ve been so busy, is Her Campus. My school recently launched it’s own Her Campus Chapter, and I’ve started writing articles for them as well. My first article was published this week about living on campus as an introvert, and my article for next week will be about high school dress codes. It’s been really fun and exciting to get my writing out there more.

My goals for October are to stay on top of writing for my website, to improve my short story writing, and to find time to work on my novels. Life can be crazy, but as long as I can find time to write, everything else usually falls into place.

August Writing Update

August is back to school month, so of course it was crazy. I moved back to school and classes have started up. I haven’t had a lot of time to write outside of things for class, for my website, and for The Odyssey. However, I am still going to be editing my novel, The Matter Bend very soon, hopefully for one of the last times.


July Writing Update

I haven’t made an update post in awhile, so I thought I would start making them again. These updates allow me to connect with you guys more directly and share my long-term writing projects which I don’t typically post as they are in various stages of editing.

At the beginning of the summer, I finished editing my novel The Matter Bend. It’s currently being read by my trusted website designer and technologically savvy friend. When I get his feedback, I will hopefully be on the last edit of the novel before moving forward towards publishing.

Last month I picked back up and finished editing my novel Of the Same Soul. It’s a fantasy, romance about a girl who lives in the country of Ether where magic, dragons, and elves are just outside of her town. When her village is pillaged, her friend goes missing, and she does everything in her power to find and save him. It’s still in the early rounds of editing, but within a year I hope for it to be close to being published.

Currently, I am working on rewriting my novel which is still untitledThis one involves a witch whose mother just died and she’s trying to find out more about a mysterious picture she found among her mother’s things. I’m only on the second rewrite, but this story has really captivated me and I believe it will captivate others as well.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy this summer, and I appreciate any feedback that you guys have. If you haven’t already, check me out on Twitter at @Wedbushwrite or on Tumblr at Wedbushwrite. I post links back to my website whenever I have a new story or poem, and I also post a little more frequently on those platforms. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

April Writing Update

This update will be pretty short. I’ve come down with a case of writer’s block. Life is busy as ever. I have two research papers to write before the end of the month. But when it comes time to write, my mind wanders. I can’t focus enough to make decent progress on any one thing. I’m still writing for The Odyssey and I’m slowly editing The Matter Bend. By the end of April, The Matter Bend should be out of editing; that’s the goal.

March Writing Update

So far, March has been crazy. There’re never enough hours in the day. I found out a few weeks ago that my sonnet “T.W.” is going to be published in my university’s literary journal, Notations. I’m pretty excited about it! Also, as of late February, I’m a writer for the Murray State community on The Odyssey. I’ve written a few articles that you should check out: and The first one is serious, but the second one is more humorous.

While all of this has been going on, I’ve also been making slow progress editing The Matter Bend. Though I’ve been swamped with other responsibilities, I make time for editing at least once throughout the week. The plan is to finish this stage of editing by the middle of May. Fingers crossed!

February Writing Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve written a writing update because I’ve been really busy reading a book a week for class. This week was a collection of Hemingway stories. If you like short, minimalist stories, I suggest reading him.

Another reason I haven’t updated in awhile is because I’ve shifted back to editing my novel The Matter Bend (for those of you who don’t know, my novel is about a girl who stumbles into an alternate dimension similar to our own). Editing is a necessary evil, but, with not much to report, it doesn’t lend itself to a very exciting update. By the end of this week, I’ll be halfway through the book (which means I’ll hopefully be done editing by the end of March). Fingers crossed!

Writing tip of the month: writers read. So if there are any alternate dimension stories that have blown you away, let me know!             

Writing Update

I’m going to do one of these about once a month to keep you guys updated. I’m still working on Of the Same Soul, the fantasy romance about Elizabeth searching for her bestfriend, Arthur. I’ve recently developed a new character, Tabatha. She’s in the early works, but I’ve had her in my mind for awhile. The legend is that she lures people to her lair and steals their bodies. Elizabeth thought Tabatha was mythical, a story to scare kids into behaving. But Tabatha is very real.

What is the creepiest legend or story you’ve heard?

Off Topic

Yesterday, I thought it was Thursday, so now I’m writing one extra post this week. Yay! But it’s going to be a bit different, not a short story or a poem but a short update.

I’ve recently sent my young adult novel The Matter Bend (which is about a girl named Kylie who finds herself in the middle of an alternate universe in the middle of a rebellion) to beta readers, so once that gets back I will make the necessary changes and send it to publishing companies. While I wait for that, I’m editing my fantasy romance novel Of the Same Soul about a girl named Elizabeth whose village gets pillaged and her best friend/soulmate winds up missing. If either of those sound interesting or you would like me to post updates more often, please like and/or comment below.

Thank you!