Dumpy Days

Not every day holds some profound lesson. Not every day is bright, but not every day is gloomy. Some days, the dumpy days, everything is ordinary and somewhat stressful. Just a day to mark off of the calendar.

It’s lunch time, and you’ve accepted defeat. Today sucks. But there’s still time.

Escape whatever is suffocating you today whether you can physically leave or take a brain break. Watch the first part of your day fade and brighten the rest of the day that’s in front of you. Give yourself something to look forward to even if it’s small. Let that something fill you up and propel you forward. Don’t let anyone take that hopefulness away.

Weekly Advice

Do you know that tug when you are drawn to go talk to someone? Or those coincidences that line up nicely?

Those instances make you realize that everything happens for a reason and, by extension, whatever is supposed to happen will happen. So whatever you are worried about as the holidays roll around, let it melt away. Worrying about it will not change it. Do what you can and let fate do the rest.

Weekly Advice

Always make copies of important papers. Whether it’s documents or contracts. Then keep those copies in a safe place. This seems simple and obvious, but that one important paper that you don’t think you need will come back and haunt you.

Thanksgiving Advice

As annoying as family can be, you never know when you might lose them. When you’re little everyone is invincible, and holidays seem like they will always be the same. But things can change faster than you can catch up. Cherish these moments. Set aside any resentment or grudges and be with family.

Food for Thought

People are so afraid of distance. Physical and otherwise.

The people that are meant to be in your life will be. Even if you haven’t seen a friend in awhile, you can still be friends. Just because you haven’t talked in awhile doesn’t mean that you have to excommunicate each other.

Only time will tell who is meant to stay in your life. We are so afraid of losing people that we cling to them even if they are bad for us.  Let go so that someone better can take their place. Maybe that won’t happen right away, but that’s ok because life isn’t a race.


Quick Tip For People With Anxiety

When adding events to your calendar that you are dreading, write them small so that they don’t fill up the whole square for that day. This way it appears less like a huge, impassible stressor that takes up your whole day and more like a manageable event.