For When People Ridicule Your Dreams/Major

Your career choice is something you’ll have to work to change or learn to live with. Do what you love. If you run at it and refuse to back down, then you will eventually break through. Musicians, professional athletes, actors, writers are all competitive job markets. Not many people succeed, but there is a chance. If you truly love it, then you will take that chance, fail, and choose it again. The only thing that stops people from landing their dreams is themselves. Their fear of failure. Their unwillingness to work their hardest. You have to believe that your dream is obtainable and then work to make it real. Allow yourself, allow your kids to believe.

Weekly Advice

Just because someone misunderstands your intentions or your words, that doesn’t make you a bad person. People make mistakes. People make wrong assumptions. Don’t let them clam you up. Clamming up makes them believe that they were right. Explain yourself in the best terms you can, and if they don’t accept it, then life is too short to worry about them.

Weekly Advice

People constantly make  assumptions. Sometimes it’s about people. Sometimes it’s about peoples’ actions.

What do you do if someone misinterprets your actions to be malicious? First, admit that you did it, even if they assume it was someone else. Second, explain yourself. If you didn’t mean to be malicious, then take that person through your thought process. Not everyone thinks the same way, so try to clear up the miscommunication. Third, forgive yourself regardless of if the other person forgives you.

How to Wake Up Better

  1. Set an energizing song as your alarm.
  2. Keep music playing and sing along. Talking, even to yourself, will get you warmed up and cheerful.
  3. As soon as you get up, turn on the lights. This should keep you from crawling back in bed.
  4. If you really have the energy for it, dance around like those women in face wash commercials. The movement should wake your brain up, and it’s an easy way to get some exercise.

Weekly Advice

Talk about things before they boil up and spill over. Most of the time people have issues, they don’t even let the other person know that they are mad. If you don’t explain the situation to the person, then nothing will change.

Weekly Advice

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you put enough effort into it, you will eventually get there.

As for that person who keeps cutting you down, cut them out of your life. Life’s too short for negativity.

College Tips

Treat class discussions like regular conversations. If you think about it being graded, then you will put more pressure on yourself. Just chime in. Yes, your comment should be beneficial and intelligent, but don’t mull around in your head so long looking for the right words. Do the leg work before class, so that you can sit back and throw in a few comments or ideas when appropriate.

Weekly Advice

Don’t sigh. It makes your shoulders drop pulling you down. Life is easier to deal with when you walk lighter and pull yourself up. In this way you can float above the problems instead of dragging through them.