Please don’t ask me about that night again. I’ve already told you everything I can remember…Fine I suppose I’ll just tell you again since you don’t believe me.

Holmes, our butler, opened the doors at promptly six in the evening like usual. Father, Mother, and I greeted guests as they made their way into the ballroom. Perry didn’t come down until later. He didn’t help us greet. He went straight to the orchestra to help them set up. Father wasn’t happy about this, but he was glad that his son was attending the party so he compromised.

We ate dinner at 6:30 as usual in the banquet hall. I sat by Perry and Cynthia, Father’s ex-wife. She sits with her chest out and saunters around in slinky dresses. She’s in marketing, and as she knows, sex sells. I don’t know why Father divorced her. He refuses to talk about her, but he invites her everywhere because they are the same social circle which is really code for they have outrageous amounts of money.
Looking back on it Cynthia was more edgy than usual. She sloshed her glass of wine over her red silk dress and was laughing loudly at everything. She usually has no sense of humor. And her eyes darted constantly to Mother’s diamond wedding ring…

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