I am Cynthia Bane and I am completely innocent. I have never murdered anyone. I was enjoying the evening festivities, mingling with other guests, and mulling over my advertisement idea for sparkling water when Ed rudely leaned over me to get a drink. I got up to get some air and space. I walked out into the foyer and found Mr. and Mrs. Vian, Pearl and Perry’s parents, arguing ferociously.

Mr. Vian was redder than I have ever seen him. The vein in his temple throbbed dangerously. Mrs. Vian’s face was white with rage. She used to react the strangest way when she was angry. She would pale and knead her hands together with those slim fingers. What I saw in her eyes was a vicious hate. I was afraid for my own life as well as Mr. Vian’s. I skedaddled and kept what I saw to myself.

At around 8:30 as I was powdering my nose in the powder room, Mrs. Vian came to me in tears. Her make-up ran pathetically down her face and I hugged her. What else could I do?

She spilled her guts to me about Mr. Vian’s “business endeavors”. The scoundrel stole money from Ed and she had just found out, poor dear. She wanted me to give her advice and I told her that men will be men and will do as they please. She didn’t take that very well so I made up gibberish about talking to him more. I let her know that whatever Mr. Vian did was not her fault. She didn’t believe me, but she looks a deal better. She reapplied her lipstick and got back out there. That’s the last time I saw her alive.
After my conversation with Mrs. Vian, I went looking for Mr. Vian to kick some sense into him. I got caught up in the party and by the time I found him, he was dead. The first thing I noticed was his polished shoe sticking out from under the frilly couch covers. There was a sticky dark puddle pooling around the couch. I ran to his side and pulled him out. His face…I had never seen a dead body before that moment. I just knew that he was dead.

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